First day in Turku, Finland (September 2013)

Let's talk about our first days in Finland. I'm going to start with my first day in Turku. Well, it wasn't my first day in Finland but it was my first time in Turku. 

I remember it so well when I first came to Turku - I was completely lost in the railway station while trying to find the TYS (Turun Ylioppilaskyläsäätiö) on the map (as some of you might know, I am the most miserable one in reading maps).🥵 Well, after being in a total panic, I finally made it to the TYS, got my apartment's keys and took a taxi to my new home. 

I noticed the first (cultural) difference immediately after opening the door of my room - there was a bed but it was without a mattress. When I lived in Estonia, we always had mattresses in our dormitories. At least when I used to be a student. I didn't have any bedclothes with me either. The next day I was supposed to have my first class in the university and I had to do something in order to get some sleep. Because sleeping is very important for me!!! So what did I come up with? I took all of the clothes I took with me and put them in bed. I used them as my blanket, pillow and mattress.😁I also had to take a shower many times during the night since it was so coooold.🥶 I didn't sleep well, obviosuly. 

What did the first day in Turku feel like? It was confusing. I felt empty. I can still so clearly remember the exact feelings. But I was so ready to start a new chapter in my life. And I'm still alive despite the lacking of mattress.🤍💪 

What was your first day like in Finland? What kind of memories do you have? What kind of cultural differences did you notice? 

Here are some pictures from the very first moments in Turku: 


In Uittamo. 

Turku Castle (Turun linna).
Suomen Joutsen.


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