Why Finland?

After been living in Finland for eight years now, I still feel like it's my home and I belong here. I feel like I have more freedom here to be myself. Sure, I have found negative qualities of living here too, but you could find these everywhere, so..🙃

Lots of Estonians usually come to Finland because of work. Salaries haven't been good in Estonia so this is the reason why Finland has been so popular among Estonians. Nowadays the situation is actually starting to change - many Estonians move back to Estonia since the economical situation is becoming better and better. Estonia is developing  really fast!

I had completely different reasons for moving to Finland. Here they are:

🌟Finnish language. Studies in Estonia weren't enough for me - I wanted to learn Finnish in a Finnish environment. Luckily my dreams came true. 
Before I started to feel interest in Finnish,  it sounded really funny to me (I know, Estonian might sound funny to Finns😁) and at that point Finnish studies definitely were not a part of my future plans. But then, all of a sudden, I had this so-called "click" and the decision was made - I'm going to study Finnish and it's going to be a huge part of my life. What role does it play now? It's my passion and I never get tired of it!🤍 In my opinion, Finnish is really unique, interesting, surprising and RICH. 

Puhekieli / Spoken language.

🌟Finnish culture. I am attracted to Finnish literature. I love Mika Waltari's works (Sinuhe egyptiläinen), Sofi Oksanen is my absolute favourite (especially her Baby Jane and Stalinin lehmät) and also Aleksis Kivi's Seitsemän veljestä. Other great writers I admire are Tuomas Kyrö (for example, Kerjäläinen ja jänis), Miika Nousiainen (especially his Vadelmavenepakolainen). These are just a few examples of the good Finnish writers. 
And Finnish mythology - I like all kind of "magical stuff".💫 Finnish mythology is related to its ancient religion a lot and you can find many different interesting creatures from the mythology. For example Luonnotar, Ilmatar, Metsänneito, Pohjolan tytär and so much more. 

Muumimaailma Naantalissa / Moominworld in Naantali.

🌟Finnish nature. A land of a thousand lakes, they say. Acutally there are a lot more than a thousand lakes - there are nearly 200 000 lakes in Finland. Finnish nature is so unique and we are so happy that we have four seasons. Each season has its own beauty.
And Lapland - this is a paradise, I'm telling you! Once you have been there, you'll start counting the days to go back.🤍

🌟The nature of Finns. Finns are peaceful (as far as I'm concerned) and that's all I need. I am quite a restless person so I need peaceful people around me.😁 And I love it that Finns (especially Finnish women♡) dare to talk publically about the things that are problematic in the society. For example, mental health problems, eating disorders, sexual harrassment, inequality, women's body, racism. I really respect that!💪 They dare to talk about sensitive topics and express opinions about things that should be changed. 

🌟Good education. I personally have experience about the universities (University of Turku and University of Tampere) and I like the Finnish university system. The communication between a teacher and a student is much more free, if we compare it, for example, to Estonian system. In Estonia teacher is an authority. The students' well-being is also on a completely different level in Finland: different student restaurants, student health care, various discounts, flexibility of the universities, individuality, quality. I totally recommend Finnish universities!👌
Turun yliopisto / University of Turku. 

What are your reasons for moving to Finland?☺️


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