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Synonyms for different animal names in Estonian

Here we will have a list of synonyms for animals in Estonian. I have underlined the words that are used typically and added synonyms that are most likely to be used. These are also the words I use occasionally.  My kitties Lady and Diiva. / Minu kiisud Lady ja Diiva.  🐈‍⬛ cat - kass , kiisu, kõuts 🐕‍🦺 dog - koer , peni, kutsu, kutsa 🐖 pig - siga , notsu, kärssnina 🐂 cow - lehm , vissi 🐇 rabbit - jänes , jänku, jänks, pikkkõrv 🦊 fox - rebane , haavikuemand, reinuvader 🐺 wolf - hunt , susi, võsavillem, kriimsilm, hallivatimees 🐻 bear - karu , mesikäpp, mõmmi, mõmmik, karumõmm, karuott 🦁 lion - lõvi , loomade kuningas 🐅 tiger - tiiger , tiigrikutsu 🐵 monkey - ahv , ahvipärdik, pärdik 🐎 horse - hobune , suksu, hobu, ratsu 🐑 sheep - lammas , mää, ute, utt What were the new words for you? Millised sõnad olid sinule uued? What words would you add? Milliseid sõnu lisaksid juurde? You will find many more synonyms from  Sünonüümisõnastik . 

Preparing for the YKI test

Here are some of my thoughts about the YKI test (yleinen kielitutkinto): The most important thing - be realistic. Most people aim at the intermediate level which is level B1 and B2. Intermediate level means that you can independently handle topics such as everyday life, work, society, travelling, home, environment etc. Learning process is always individual. Some people can manage in a year, some people need more years. I'm talking about years here. Unfortunately there are people who think that learning Finnish  for 10 hours or not at all will make them pass the test. YKI test is not that easy. You really need to know Finnish well before signing up for the test. No need to be perfect but you need to be good at Finnish.  In the end it's all up to you! Teachers will only give you the right directions and support  but you are the one who is doing the studying. Please don't think that your teacher is responsible for your results. It's not the way it goes. If the test goes we

Language games on Wordwall

Learning a new language could be quite a pain in the ass sometimes. Some people remember new words by reading while others remember by listening to different texts. I personally remember new words by writing them down or by playing different games. Learning a new language should be fun and interesting, it also needs to give you enough challenges. Playing different language games makes learning a new language way more interesting than just following the chapters in your book. Therefore, from that link below you can find different language-related games. There are games related to Finnish and Estonian.  https://wordwall.net/fi/myactivities I will keep adding new games weekly.  Let me know if there is any certain type of games you would be interested in.☀️

Finnish: Vocal harmony / Vokaaliharmonia = Vokaalisointu

In my Finnish classes vocal harmony is usually among the things I teach first. For me it is important that a student gets a strong basis of vocal harmony as this is the topic a person will need all the time.  What does the vocal harmony mean? The easiest explanation is that the vowels need to be in harmony.🙂 However, there are certain rules for vocal harmony. There is a certain way how vowels perform with each other. Before we go to the rules, let's see how vowels are divided in the Finnish language. There are three groups: front vowels (etuvokaalit), back vowels (takavokaalit) and neutral vowels (neutraalit vokaalit).  Front vowels are ä , ö , y .  Middle vowels are i and e .  Back vowels are a , o , u .  🟣If there are front vowels  ä , ö or y in the first syllable of the word, the rule is that front vowels also need to be perform in the other syllable(s) of the word.  For example : tämä (it/this) ➢ tä/mä It cannot be täma ( täma) because there is letter ä in the first syl

Thoughts on the year 2021 and upcoming 2022💫

The first post of the year 2022. HAPPY NEW YEAR!🎉 Ilotulitus / Ilutulestik / Fireworks I have read from many social media channels about people saying year 2021 hasn't been the easiest one. People have different issues they have been stryggling with but the main reason why some of us feel 2021 was tough is because of the corona situation. And I completely understand this! The life of entrepreneurs has been a real hell and it seems like the situation is not getting any better any time soon. And it sucks!  I actually like it that people also dare to talk about negative issues on social media. This is called life and things are not always nice and positive. We all have our problems we are fighting.  As for me, year 2021 was one of the best in a long time!!🤜 Most of the years before 2021 were a load of sh*t, mentally. As a matter of fact, year 2021 actually started off really bad - I got a kick in my face when I applied for a job I wanted so bad, I made it to the top 3 and I didn