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Preparing for the YKI test

Here are some of my thoughts about the YKI test (yleinen kielitutkinto): The most important thing - be realistic. Most people aim at the intermediate level which is level B1 and B2. Intermediate level means that you can independently handle topics such as everyday life, work, society, travelling, home, environment etc. Learning process is always individual. Some people can manage in a year, some people need more years. I'm talking about years here. Unfortunately there are people who think that learning Finnish  for 10 hours or not at all will make them pass the test. YKI test is not that easy. You really need to know Finnish well before signing up for the test. No need to be perfect but you need to be good at Finnish.  In the end it's all up to you! Teachers will only give you the right directions and support  but you are the one who is doing the studying. Please don't think that your teacher is responsible for your results. It's not the way it goes. If the test goes we