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Finnish: examples of words ending in i

Words ending in  i  : nominative, genitive and partitive cases   i  ➢  i  Mostly loan words and new words     bussi: bussin: bussia   pankki: pankin: pankkia   banaani: banaanin: banaania   paperi: paperin: paperia   kurssi: kurssin: kurssia   hissi: hissin: hissiä   koti: kodin: kotia   riisi: riisin: riisiä   tuoli: tuolin: tuolia   lasi: lasin: lasia   kahvi: kahvin: kahvia   i  ➢  e Mostly words related to nature and old words   tähti: tähden: tähteä   järvi: järven: järveä   talvi: talven: talvea   ovi: oven: ovea   kivi: kiven: kiveä   Suomi: Suomen: Suomea   joki: joen: jokea   nimi: nimen: nimeä   niemi: niemen: niemeä   ni, mi, hi, li, ri  ➢ e Old words     pieni: pienen: pientä   sieni: sienen: sientä   lumi: lumen: lunta!   lohi: lohen: lohta   kieli: kielen: kieltä   tuli: tulen: tulta   suuri: suuren: suurta   hiiri: hiiren: hiirtä   nuori: nuoren: nuorta       si  ➢  e Old words       käsi: käden: kättä   uusi: uuden: uutta   vesi: veden: vettä   vuosi: vuoden: vuotta   h

Christmas treats🎄

Happy holidays everybody!🤍 As much as there are different countries in the world, there are different traditions and things that are specific only to certain cultures. In this post I'm focusing on the Estonian and Finnish Christmas food. The cultural background of these two countries is quite similar, so we do spend our Christmas mostly in the same way. Here you can see what Estonians and Finns typically eat during Christmas. Some things are similar but there are also many differences.☺️ Estonian Christmas food                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ▫️Sauerkraut (hapukapsas)                       ▫️Marinated pumpkins                                 ▫️Pota

Why Finland?

After been living in Finland for eight years now, I still feel like it's my home and I belong here. I feel like I have more freedom here to be myself. Sure, I have found negative qualities of living here too, but you could find these everywhere, so..🙃 Lots of Estonians usually come to Finland because of work. Salaries haven't been good in Estonia so this is the reason why Finland has been so popular among Estonians. Nowadays the situation is actually starting to change - many Estonians move back to Estonia since the economical situation is becoming better and better. Estonia is developing  really fast! I had completely different reasons for moving to Finland. Here they are: 🌟 Finnish language . Studies in Estonia weren't enough for me - I wanted to learn Finnish in a Finnish environment. Luckily my dreams came true.  Before I started to feel interest in Finnish,  it sounded really funny to me (I know, Estonian might sound funny to Finns😁) and at that point Finnish studie

First day in Turku, Finland (September 2013)

Let's talk about our first days in Finland. I'm going to start with my first day in Turku. Well, it wasn't my first day in Finland but it was my first time in Turku.  I remember it so well when I first came to Turku - I was completely lost in the railway station while trying to find the TYS (Turun Ylioppilaskyläsäätiö) on the map (as some of you might know, I am the most miserable one in reading maps).🥵 Well, after being in a total panic, I finally made it to the TYS, got my apartment's keys and took a taxi to my new home.  I noticed the first (cultural) difference immediately after opening the door of my room - there was a bed but it was without a mattress. When I lived in Estonia, we always had mattresses in our dormitories. At least when I used to be a student. I didn't have any bedclothes with me either. The next day I was supposed to have my first class in the university and I had to do something in order to get some sleep. Because sleeping is very important f

9 random facts about me:

  I am extremely short, just 153 cm. As a kid I was bullied at school because of my height but I love being short. And that’s all that  matters.🤸  I am a non-drinker. Alcohol makes me feel dizzy and bad, so I don’t really need it. I used to be a drinker and partied quite hard when I was younger but not anymore.🧋   I am suffering from claustrophobia. I hate elevators and small rooms.🥴 I like swearing.🤭 As a kid, my biggest dream was to become a singer.🎤   I dance Latin dances.  💃 My native language is Estonian but I think in Finnish.🙎‍♀️   I’m a grammar freak.📚 I love pealing potatoes.🥔                          

Tervetuloa! Tere tulemast! Welcome!♡

I am Liis from Kielipaja Luna. In this blog I will be writing about a lot of things but mostly about:  Finnish language Estonian language / Estonia Entrepreneurship Job resume / Jobhunting / Job-related topics Life in Finland     Finnish working culture The blog will be written in English (mostly). I will be giving you a lot of examples of my own experiences, studies, work, life and so on.🙂 ❄️ Happy 1st of December! It's Christmas time!❄️🎄