9 random facts about me:


  • I am extremely short, just 153 cm. As a kid I was bullied at school because of my height but I love being short. And that’s all that matters.🤸 
  • I am a non-drinker. Alcohol makes me feel dizzy and bad, so I don’t really need it. I used to be a drinker and partied quite hard when I was younger but not anymore.🧋 
  • I am suffering from claustrophobia. I hate elevators and small rooms.🥴
  • I like swearing.🤭
  • As a kid, my biggest dream was to become a singer.🎤 
  • I dance Latin dances. 💃
  • My native language is Estonian but I think in Finnish.🙎‍♀️ 
  • I’m a grammar freak.📚
  • I love pealing potatoes.🥔 


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